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Cellulite Reduction Massage

Cellulite Reduction Massage

What is a Cellulite Reduction Massage?

A Cellulite Reduction Massage is specially designed to break down the stiffened areas between the cellulite filled upright chambers and release fat from them to be used for energy or flushed away by the body. This has the effect of loosening the skin and allows it to return to a more normal smooth appearance.

Cellulite Reduction Massage at Cressinghams in Dartford

Cellulite Reduction Massage helps to reduce ‘orange peel’ skin and lose weight

The results are sometimes noticeable after the first Cellulite Reduction Massage, but one is far from being sufficient to have a significant effect. Three sessions just before you go on holiday would reduce some of the dimpled effect of ‘orange peel skin’ for being on the beach for some people. Six sessions would be better and 12 should give a huge and longer lasting effect.

The Cellulite Reduction Massage is based on very deep tissue massage techniques but does vary from them quite considerably. It is not a relaxing type of massage as you will be pommelled, ‘pinched’ and kneaded very strongly.

The final phase is a very gentle and relaxing Manual Lymphatic Drainage massage to help flush out excess fluids and toxins.

What to Expect During the Cellulite Reduction Massage

Most of the massage is manual and quite forceful in nature, but not too painful. It has to be so to breakdown the thickened fat tissue and release any ‘trapped’ fluids and toxins around the fat cells. (A massage roller may be used on some areas to aid the process).

As cellulite is predominantly deposited on the stomach, thighs, hips and buttocks these are the areas worked on the most. I will preserve your modesty at all times by the use of towels or sheets and you will be expected to keep your underwear on at all times. (No massage will be given without underwear being worn). However, you need to understand that your stomach and buttocks will be massaged unless you specifically ask for them to not to. I may also need to work on your upper back, chest and arms.


I will apply massage oil, starting from feet and moving upwards. I will do one leg at a time. This will be a ‘warm-up’ massage for the muscles. It will

Cellulite Reduction Massage with Richard Wain

Cellulite Reduction Massage for all shapes and sizes, men and women

help encourage an increase in flow of blood through your circulatory system.

I will them use any or all the strokes outlined below.

Kneading massage: I will use finger kneading for smaller areas (inner knee, upper arms or calves) and hand kneading on larger areas to bring the blood closer to the surface. This is a squeeze-and-lift stroke which helps to eliminate waste deposits.

Knuckle massage: This stroke uses fists to work on ugly cellulite bulges. By pressing hard and using a twisting motion it starts to break up the fat deposits. Your body’s own metabolism will then be able to burn them naturally.

“S” massage: This technique uses two hands at the same time. I will grasp a portion of a problem area in each hand and twist the flesh in opposite directions to make an “S” shape.

Wringing massage: Again, both hands are used as if wringing out a wet towel.

Chopping massage: This like a very vigorous and hard Swedish Massage stroke.

Manual Drainage Techniques: To help train away all the fluids and toxins faster.


Many people need the toilet soon after this type of massage. Some need a tiolet break during it. You should always drink water after this massage.



Please do not pay for your session until we have booked your appointment in. Sessions are £45 for 60 minutes or £60 for 90 minutes.

Cellulite Reduction Massage


Please check T&C’s on the Prices page.

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