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Lomilomi Massage

Lomilomi Massage

Lomilomi Massage (Loving Hands Massage)

Lomilomi massage is part of a traditional philosophy called Huna practiced by inhabitants of Polynesia . This ancient Polynesian philosophy has the premise that every organism in the world wants to live harmony and love. Lomi Lomi is not considered effective unless the practitioner performs it with loving hands; this is why Lomi Lomi is often referred to as a Loving Hands massage.

Lomilomi massage has both a spiritual, energetic and physical components.

How is a Lommilomi Massage conducted?

Lomilomi Massage in Dartford by Richard Wain

Lomilomi Massage a very gentle and spiritual massage that uses long flowing strokes

The style of Lomilomi massage uses very large, broad strokes and  two-handed stokes that enlist the forearms and elbows. Lomi Lomi strokes cover a broad area of the body at any one moment in time. So it works several muscles simultaneously; this encourages continuous flow of love and harmony. It is believed that physical discomfort and disease were the results of suppressed emotions, mental disturbances or spiritual disharmony.

The aim of which is to wash harmful thoughts, memories and behaviours out of the cells of your body to make room for more beneficial ones. Once the positive energy is permitted to flow unconditionally, total mind and body healing can happen.

Before I start the massage I may take a few quiet moments to engender the Lomilomi mind and body environment within myself.

No two Lomilomi massages are never identical – even for the same client. Each session is performed with fluid, rhythmic movements using the forearms, elbows and the hands to apply broad strokes sometimes to different parts of the body simultaneously. To allow this significant amounts of oils are used for lots of lubrication.

Because of the prolific use of oil and for the flow of the massage it is preferable to receive the massage with minimum clothing. Small pants or thong are the norm, but be aware they will get oil on them. Your chest will be covered by a small towel. If you prefer to be naked you will be provided with a small towel to use as a loincloth to ‘wear’ between your legs throughout the massage. Some clients choose to use a loincloth when still wearing small pants or thong.

Huna philosophy holds that energy gets trapped in the joints of the body, so broad stokes, gentle stretches and joint rotations are applied by the practitioner in order to release this trapped energy. Your arms and legs may be gently bent and slightly rotated.

Benefits a Lomilomi Massage offers:

  • stimulation of the lymphatic system
  • relief of sore, tense muscles and muscle spasms
  • boosting circulation
  • enhancing skin, hair and muscle tone
  • boosting the immune response
  • lowering blood pressure and slowing the heart rate
  • improving posture
  • speeding healing after an injury
  • releasing trauma held at a deep cellular level in the body
  • a profound effect on the health and development of the muscles
  • restoration of vitality
  • heightened metabolism
  • quietening the mind, creating inner calm and clarity
  • aiding relief from insomnia, depression, stress and anxiety
  • nurturing the inner core bringing harmony and balance

I hope to see you soon so that you can experience all the benefits of a fabulous Lomilomi Massage for yourself.


Please do not pay for your session until we have booked your appointment in.

Lomilomi Sessions


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