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Neuro-Lymphatic Reflexology

Neuro-Lymphatic Reflexology

What is Neuro-Lymphatic Reflexology

Neuro-Lymphatic Reflexology is an incredibly powerful integrated health enhancing system. That works on the Lymphatic and Neuro-musculature systems, your vital organs and Energy flow within the body.

To me it is a truly holistic process. I believe it to be the apex of all the massages I use. In some ways it has aspects similar to standard Reflexology. But I feel it is far superior in that I will be working on specific areas of the body that affect organs and glands. Not just your feet. In fact I do not need to work on your feet at all. Many people miss out on Reflexology as they do not like their feet worked on. There is no need to miss out now!

It amalgamates elements of each of the following:

  • Manual Lymphatic Drainage techniques
  • Applied Kinesiology – Neuro-Lymphatic Reflexes. (See images).
  • Light and deeper massage of specific muscles, lymph glands and organ reflexes
  • Meridian Points, (Acupressure Points) and Chakras
  • Reiki Healing or Intuitive Healing (This is optional)

The hands-on processes stimulate and release the reflexes and their corresponding organs and glands for the following systems:

  • endocrine and reproductive
  • immune (auto-immune conditions, allergies, lymphatic congestion)
  • metabolic (such as thyroid, pancreas, temperature regulation)
  • gastrointestinal
  • all connections between body structure and reflexes

For full details on the Lymphatic system please click HERE

Neuro-Lymphatic Reflexology is a very individual treatment. It is 100% tailored to you as a whole person. There is a Standard Protocol but I take into account your unique physical and non-physical situations.

With our levels of stress in everyday life appearing to increase all the time, it is vital for people to take more responsibility for their own healthcare needs. Neuro-Lymphatic Reflexology may be one of the ways to combat the stresses of modern life.

The theory is that Neuro-Lymphatic Reflexology helps the body to restore its equilibrium.

Neuro-Lymphatic Reflexology Points

The image below shows the areas I will be working on following the Standard Protocol. Below the image is a key showing reflexes each number represents.

male and female Neuro-Lymphatic reflexology Points

Neuro-Lymphatic Reflexology points





Diagram showing Neuro-Lymphatic Reflexology points

Neuro-Lymphatic Reflexology

Health benefits of Neuro-Lymphatic Reflexology:

Regular treatments will assist:

  • To increase lymphatic circulation and regulate the flow of fluid throughout the entire body. This will encourage the nourishing and cleansing of cells, flushing out harmful wastes and poisons.
  • Increase resistance to sickness and disease.
  • Reduce oedema and for some people cellulite
  • Assist in detoxification of the body
  • Regeneration of tissue
  • Anti-aging effects, Scars, stretch marks, wrinkles, and fracture or surgical-incision sites are improved
  • Relief of pain and discomfort, e.g. arthritis, MS and period cramps. There is some evidence of regulation of menstruation problems using these techniques. It may also possibly regulate hormonal imbalance.
  • Reduce the symptoms of chronic fatigue, assisting to increase energy.
  • Promote deep relaxation and aids with insomnia and stress related conditions.
  • Improved breathing in colds, flu, bronchitis and asthma and improvement of sinusitis.
  • Balance the organs, assist in structural balance and improve all over physical and emotional well-being.
  • Undergoing other healthcare procedures and need relief from symptoms and side-effects.
  • Have poor circulation to their extremities, as a result of illnesses such as diabetes.
  • Relieves tension and reduces stress and anxiety.
  • Stimulates the nervous system and clears energetic pathways. 

People who should not attend a Neuro-Lymphatic Reflexology treatment:

Anyone showing signs of having fever, flu or cold symptoms, which are often amplified by massage.

How is a Neuro-Lymphatic Reflexology Conducted?

Initial session – 90mins.

Your symptoms are noted. I will the complete a whole body palpitation of all the Neuro-Lymphatic Reflex areas. And tell you what I am feeling as we progress. . The palpitation is usually conducted using 2-3 finger tips. But may sometimes be the edge of my palm if I need to palpitate a longer area.


The Neuro-Lymphatic Reflexology treatment

Different reflex points need different levels of pressure applied to them. The abdomen, sternum, ribs, neck, pelvis area and outside and inside of the upper legs have different levels of pressure. This is to help the body to come into balance, improve movement, organ function and all self-regulating processes.

Usually using 2-3 fingertips, I will press the Neuro-Lymphatic Reflex area and massage each point with small circular motions.  This will be gentle at first and increase in pressure as required. Generally the ones that are the most tender are moving the least toxins out through the lymph system.  During the treatment I will work on each reflex for about 20 seconds. Eventually I will spend longer on blocked areas and less on those that are working OK.

Over time, they tend to feel less sore as they are becoming less blocked. I spend a few seconds on each one and a bit longer on points when I find ones that are tender.  It is important to drink plenty of water after the session to help the lymph system to flush the released toxins.

Some areas may require massage using the whole hand or side of the palm. Sometimes some ‘standard massage strokes’ may be the better option.

I will start on the back of the body. So you will be laying on your front.

I will begin at the top of the spine at the base of the skull and massage each point. I will work down the spine to the tailbone. Then come back up to work any lateral areas on the shoulders.

After that I will work on the legs one at a time.

It is now time to turn you over and work on the front of your body. I will begin at the top of the upper ribs/sternum. Work down the sternum, then in between the ribs (where they meet the sternum), then work the points close to the navel, then finally down to the pubic bone.

I will work the axillary nodes around your armpit. If necessary further down your sides. I will ask you to lay on one side with your arm draped over your head. Then turn over for the other side to have treatment.

After that I will work on the legs one at a time.

I will only work the facial and neck areas if required.

N.B. usually only a little oil is used with this massage. Rarely I may use oil if I need to do some standard massage strokes at the end of the process.

Draping and clothing

You will be covered with either a sheet of large towel. This depends on the room temperature and personal preference. Only the area being worked on will be exposed.

N.B. A version of this treatment can be done clothed. It is still quite effective but is not as good as direct contact methods.

Females. When I work the top part of the chest and down the sternum, (chest bone) you will be covered by a smaller towel. I will be working under that towel and only working down the centre of sternum. You will not be exposed but you can wear your bra if you wish. Or you may can decline to have that area worked on. This will detract from the efficacy of the treatment.

All genders. You must wear shorts or pants. These will need to be loose as the top and sides of your buttocks will be worked on as will the area down to your pubic bone. This is more-or-less at the start of your pubic hair. I do not work any further down. You can decline for these areas to be worked on.

N.B. Please check the images for the areas that will be worked on, unless you express them to not be.


After the Neuro-Lymphatic Reflexology Treatment

You should feel relaxed, calm and usually more balanced. Most people feel energised and notice improved circulation and digestion. Often there is an experience of heightened emotions.

Many find a reduction in their muscle and mental tension. As a result they sleep better and find an improved sense of wellbeing their mood has lifted. Other, unexpected, aspects may improve. But there is no way of predicting these.


How many sessions will you need?

Most people have at least five – The initial one is always 90 minutes. The remainder are usually 60 minute sessions as we may not need to follow the whole protocol. As we concentrate on specific reflexes. But some people opt for 90 minute sessions for all of their treatments.

There are two sessions in the first week then it can go to one per week.

Many clients have ‘top-up sessions’ every 4-6 weeks to prevent a recurrence of the problem/s.

I have had people complain that this treatment is expensive. Well all I can say is compared to individual treatments of Manual Lymphatic Drainage, Reflexology, Acupressure Massage and Reiki this is exceptionally cheap. For a session of each of those treatments you can expect to pay at least £120 up to £160. You get them all for £50 quite a bargain really.

Neuro-Lymphatic Relexology


N.B. I do make any diagnoses using these techniques or claim that they will ‘cure’ you of any major disease or ailment. The process is guided by your input or sensations from the reflexes being worked on.

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