Counselling Psychotherapy

Counselling Psychotherapy

I offer a wide range of approaches and techniques in an Integrative Approach to therapy. My main approach is Positive Psychology which is somewhat different to just about all other forms of counselling psychotherapy. Research has shown that this form of therapy is faster than most other forms of regularly used approaches.

Positive Psychology in Counselling Psychotherapy.

Positive Psychology is the study of happiness. ‘Old School Psychology’ has traditionally focused on mental dysfunction, (mental illness or other negative psychological issues) and how to treat it. But Positive Psychology, comes from the other end of the spectrum; it is a field that examines how people can become happier and more fulfilled without dwelling on the bad stuff.

Cressingham Counselling Psychotherapy

Just a few sessions with Richard Wain can enhance your life forever.

I am quite happy to speak to you in person or on the phone about this approach and how it can help you move forward using your own natural, but ‘hidden’ talents.

If you need to just talk to a highly experience therapist I may be just the person you are looking for. You may need to work slowly towards your goals I can do that with you. Or if you are looking for a more rapid change; I can help you do that too. I actually specialise in Positive Brief Therapy. By brief therapy I am talking about around 4-5 sessions over 2-3 weeks.

I am not entrenched in just one method of working – one ‘size’ does not fit all. For some people I will use standard counselling and psychotherapy methods. I will also use Positive Psychology, Life Coaching, NLP, guided imagery and metaphor work during Positive Brief Therapy.

Please note: I am not a fan of CBT or Freudian regression. I use NLP, (Neruo-Linguistic Psychology), as it is far better than CBT. Responsive Regression© is far faster and less traumatic than traditional regression.

The main factor that determines how successful your therapy is not the approach chosen. It is the rapport and trust between you and I.

I started my practice way back in 1980. So I have many years of experience and thousands of hours of client contact time. I may have started my training last century. But many of my methods at the cutting edge of mind therapy today. I tend to not use older methods of counselling psychotherapy.

My aim is to help you eliminate any negatives in your life. Including thoughts, emotions, memories, etc, that are holding you back. We want to help you to explore your possibilities of future happiness and fulfilment.

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