Life Coaching

Life Coaching

Life Coaching

The following test is an except from the specialist site listed at the bottom of the page.

The Aims of Classical Life Coaching are to achieve the following:

  • to explore those obstructions and interferences then develop realistic and time bound strategies to eliminate them
  • and identify obstructions and interferences to attaining those goals – real, imagined, internal and external
  • then define clear, relevant, time limited and motivating goals unique to the individual coachee
  • and overcome emotional or physical difficulties, external interferences or barriers
  • then develop and then enhance self-awareness and confidence of the coachee
  • and enhance interpersonal interactions of the coachee in all situations
  • and utilise these skills to create better decisions and behaviours to move the coachee forwards to be the person they deserve to be
  • allowing ownership of the full range of feelings or emotions and behaviours then take responsibility for them and create better ones
  • to build on previous achievements no matter how small and grow as a person
  • to allow the coachee to be committed to and own the unique positive changes made to develop as a fulfilled person.

Read the words in bold type as its forms a very important sentence about the aims of life coaching. That is what I can help you to achieve.

Life Coaching at Cressingham Coaching

Use Coaching to live your life to the maximum. Live it like you mean it. Happy calm and stress free

As you can see from the aims of life coaching life coaches are certainly not therapists. The systems used are not targeted at psychological problems, it does not provide a ‘quick fix’ – the effects are permanent. One of the aims of life coaching is that it requires your sustained effort and commitment to achieve maximum benefits.

You can achieve:

  • Things that were previously perceived as impossible,
  • Do things that you ‘knew’ were beyond your capabilities
  • Become a ‘different’ person as you shed and escape from those disabling beliefs that manacled you to the past

However; many people do want faster processes and these are all explored on the website given below.

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