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Angel Reiki Healing Therapy

Angel Reiki Healing Therapy

Angel Reiki, Healing Therapy

Angel Reiki is a very high frequency, multidimensional way of healing and spiritual expansion. It is very different from Usui Reiki or all other forms of reiki. I even wonder if it is reiki at all. It is at such different dimensional frequency with the energy coming directly from Angels.

Angel Reiki with Richard Wain in Dartford

Connect with the Divine. Angel Reiki to help with deep rooted problems and increase Spitituality

Angelic Reiki healing is pure Divine energy. Every person responds very differently to the Divine vibration in accordance with their own level of needs and spirituality.

An Angel Reiki Therapy session has endless healing and clearing  possibilities. It is for all ages, genders, races, backgrounds, faiths or any other groups – anyone who needs Divine help. If you are looking for solutions to any situations in this or another – it is for you. Maybe you wish to experience the beautiful loving connections of communing with Angels.

By creating a connection with Angels, it is possible to treat a wide range of health of issues right down to the root much less painlessly than with other therapies

Even though I work with Angels all the time every Angel Reiki session is completely different as it is being channelled through me by Angels. I will say that It is an incredible feeling  in which they control the session.

We will ask for help from specific angels as you wish – this could be your Guardian Angel or another of your choice. We can ask for help from the Angelic Realm and the call will be answered by the angel that can help you the most. Archangels are never too busy to help you. Archangels are very powerful and should only called upon when things are very severe.

All Angels are wonderfully loving, serene and incredibly helpful in eliminating limiting beliefs, destructive behaviours, troubling emotions and issues associated with your work, relationships, family and much more.

Angels are thought to be higher vibrational beings who exist only in spirit and do not incarnate into form as humans and animals do. Angels are here to help guide human development and uplift and protect the people they serve.

A Guardian Angel is a Personal Angel – an angelic being that is assigned to look out for the welfare of you. It is generally thought that everyone has just one Guardian Angel throughout their lifetime. This may not be the case. Most people have more than one guardian angel – it is claimed that we can have three. These are allotted to you at birth. Sometimes a person becomes disconnected from their Guardian Angel/s due to negative energies and thoughts.

Angels do not work with chakras, meridians or any other Earthly systems.

What happens in an Angel Reiki Healing Therapy session?

We will meet before the session to talk about what you want from it. We may decide to use a particular Angel or just call upon the Angelic Realm to send the best Angel for you on that day.

You will be laid on the couch or sat upright in a chair. Being laid is preferable but if someone has difficulties laying flat for awhile sitting is acceptable.

I will help you to relax with gentle words or you may meditate yourself into a receptive state. When the Angel/s make their presence felt we will begin the Angel Therapy session. The room usually becomes very serene and a ‘light and happy feeling’ takes over everything in it. You may be able to see your Angel/s. Many times your Guardian Angels makes them self known to you for the first time and after this you will be able to contact them at any time.

During the Angel Therapy session I am controlled by them. They will guide me to specific areas to apply specific healing to those areas. Often my hands are nowhere near the client other times they may be lightly touching you.

Frequently report feeling two pairs of hands healing them – one will be mine the other will be an Angel making direct contact with you.

Angel Reiki Therapy is very spiritual and deeply loving so imparts a great sense of tranquillity on the recipient. So much so falling asleep is quite common.

How long is an Angel Reiki treatment?

Sessions are booked in for 60 minutes. Your treatment takes about 45 minutes. The other 15 minutes is spent in talking about your situation, progress made between sessions and preparing to leave after the treatment.

How many Angel Reiki treatments will I need?

It is unlikely that a single treatment will be sufficient. But if you are unsure about Angel Reiki I can book you in for just one to see if it is for you or not.

If you have long standing problems, be they emotional or spiritual. You will require a series of treatments to be truly beneficial. I tend to book clients in for 3 sessions. But if you only need 2 out of the 3 – the last one is cancelled. If you need more they are booked as required.

Even if you find that positive changes are taking place, it is a good idea to continue treatment as they may not be fully dealt with.

Contra-indications to treatments

As far as I am aware there are no contra-indications for Angel treatments.


Please do not pay for your session until we have booked your appointment in. Sessions are 60-90 minutes. Menu shows both with prices.

Angel Reiki


Please check T&C’s on the Prices page.


Please do not ask Angels about dead relatives or to pass messages on to them. They simply do not do that. They are here to help you in the present.

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