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Introduction Reiki and Healing

Introduction to Reiki and Healing

There are many types of Reiki and Healing. Most are natural and innate to all of us but the modern world has made us 'switch them off', e.g. Shamanic or Intuitive Healing fall into this area. As does Spiritual Healing. Other forms of energy healing are created, e.g. Reiki in all of its forms and Chi Gung. They all use attunements, symbols and initiations. All of which have been created by someone.

The exception to this is Angel 'Reiki', I much prefer the term Angel Healing. Angels have been helping people for millennia before Reiki was developed in the early 1900's! As was Shamanic, Intuitive and Spiritual Healing.

Nowadays; Reiki has become an umbrella term for any form of healing that uses positive life force energy to clear blockages and produce the healing effect.

Some healings are simple and happen every day - like a warm smile, a sympathetic word, a caring touch, etc. It could be knowing that someone is really listening to you and understand how that can have a "healing" effect on some you.

The main thing is that they all methods of Reiki and Healing work.

One thing that all Reiki and Healing systems have in common is ENERGY. Many claim that energy work is not real and is just a placebo. They say all energy work has no basic is in science. However; any quantum physicist will tell you that everything in the universe is composed of energy in one form or another. You can read much more about this on the Intuitive Healing page. The link is at the bottom of the page.

We all have an electromagnetic field running through and around us. This is our aura. It can be felt by people who are sensitive to it and has been

Reiki and Healing in Dartford with Richard Wain

Energy from a hand for Reiki and Healing

photographed by using Kirlian photography. The electromagnetic field of the heart can be detected up to 3 meters from the body. That is a serious aura. Controlled experiments have proven that people can energetically affect the emotions and moods of test participants.

We are constantly absorbing many different forms of energy from the universe. This may be natural or man-made. Natural energy flows through all living things giving them life.

There several ways that energy is supposed to flow through the body. The main two are:

Chakras for Reiki and Healing in Dartford

The Chakras are used during Reiki and Healing

Chakras; There are seven major energy centres called chakras running from the tip of the spine to the top of the head, where energy naturally enters and exits the body. Each of these chakras has its own issues and an unresolved issue can block a chakra, thus preventing this vital energy from entering and servicing the organs in that area, leaving the person susceptible to disease. these are found in Indian based energy systems.

Meridians; There are twelve major meridians that run on each side of the body, one side mirroring the other.

Reiki and Healing meridians by Richard Wain Dartford

Meridians are used in TCM and Chi Gung Healing

Each meridian corresponds to an internal organ and has its own physiological and energy functions. There are also some minor ones. So long as Chi, (energy), flows freely through the meridians and all organs work in harmony, your body can remain healthy. But things like excess stress may can make meridians become blocked. This affects the function of the meridians organ and affects the whole body-mind-spirit.

There are other ways that energy flows through the body, e.g. Subtle Flows and 'Celtic Weave'. (It does not mean that it is Celtic it flows in a sinuous circuit that looks similar to ancient Celtic designs).

By using Reiki and Healing, working with energy it is possible to create changes that are physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. If you have a problem on any of these levels it has the potential of negatively affecting you on any or all of the other levels. This is why many of our unresolved emotional issues show up as physical symptoms.

When you book me you will get whichever treatment you ask for.

Through Reiki and Healing I help you to remove the blockages so you can heal more quickly. As I am a Metaphysical Healer I use my own inborn skills and methods to help you become happier and healthier again.

I may use guided imagery and metaphor stories to help the mind and body to enter a deeper healing state. I may use breathing techniques and music in a very unique way - this may include biaural sounds.


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