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Intuitive Healing (Metaphysical Healing)

Intuitive Healing (Metaphysical Healing)

Intuitive Healing and Metaphysical Healing

Intuitive Healing is my treatment of choice as I am an Intuitive Healer. We all are born that way but somehow I was stronger than most people and was able to keep my healing energy going while others let theirs go. I have been told that it is because I had many childhood traumas that I needed to heal myself through.

The main ones are:

  • Being run-over and sustaining broken bones and a severe skull/brain injury that still affects my coordination and numeracy ability today.
  • Deliberately shot in my left eye with an arrow – it penetrated my skull and entered my brain. I was in hospital for six weeks.
  • Constant bullying due to my lack of coordination and not having binocular vision. Ball games at school were a humiliating experience day after day. Also many other bullying incidents about my family – my sister was severely disabled and my father had an artificial leg.
  • Sexual abuse, (including rape) – 10 times by my best friend’s mother.
  • Frequently called a ‘freak’ as when I touched people some said it felt weird or odd. All I was doing was using my innate energy before I learned to control it.

It was my ability as an Intuitive Healer to heal myself through these that has made me so strong as a healer of others. I had to create a lot of positive

Intuitive Healing Richard wain Dartford

Intuitive Healing – energy we all have and touch eachother with every day

energy to heal not only physically but also psychologically.

I also had to shift a huge amount of ‘Alien’ Entangled Energy* (See near the bottom of the page for details about this. It is not about aliens from space but energy within us that is not ours – so alien to our body.)

When I use intuitive healing on another person I let Mother Nature run the show. She gave me this ability so I let her pass through me into you. (I am still in control and able to change the ‘power’ of the energy to best suit the client). I get a massive rush of energy from the Earth which passes through my feet and out my hands. It also radiates as a ‘loving feeling’ from my heart and mind. It also has a ‘oneness’ feeling with the client and serene sense of spirituality.

What is different between Intuitive Healing and Usui Reki?

Intuitive Healing all energy colours fro Richard Wain Dartford

Intuitive Healing all energy wavelengths can be called upon to help with the healing process

Unlike Usui Reiki which attunes you to Violet Light I instinctively use all colours of the spectrum. Much of the time during Intuitive Healing session I use intense white light but I am able to use different wavelengths of energy as need to. I sort of ‘see’ these energies as colours but I actually hear the different vibrations in my mind.

There is another big difference between Intuitive Healing and Usui Reiki is that I may actively engage you in the healing process. In Reiki you just lay there and have the session done to you. We will be talking for part of the time during the treatment, feedback passing between the two of us. The healing process will help you to relax to a day-dreamy state so you will be able to let go of conscious thoughts easier, gain inner focus and connect with your inner energies. You will be able to detect blockages better. Many people are able to see them, give them form and a colour. They are so much easier to destroy like this as they become like an unwanted invader in the body and mind.

During Intuitive Healing I will use my hands to scan above your body to detect patterns in the energy flow of your aura and body. There is usually no physical touch involved in this process. I do not see colours of the aura. It is more like a shimmering heat mist with undulations or spikes. At some point I will almost certainly ask your permission to place my hands on you. (This is always in non-invasive way and not near sensitive areas). Intuitive healing frequently works best when a contact is made at the physical as well as energy, emotional and spiritual levels. You can refuse contact – it is not obligatory.

During healing I will be working with your Subtle Energies. These are not constrained by man-made constructions such as Chakras and Meridians. They move ‘intelligently’ round the body working to keep you healthy. Subtle energies move as sinuous waves and pass straight through Chakras and Meridians as if they are not there. (They are not there unless you believe they are. They become a Quantum Reality).

Quantum physics informs us that a system exists in superposition — that is, in all possible states — until we observe that it is only in one specific state. So if I want and expect to feel Chakras I will, same with Meridians.

However; as I have been experiencing energy flow since being a child, (over 60 years), I naturally sensed them as sinuous flows moving around the body with a purpose. Therefore; as I was detecting it as a child with no preconceptions of what energy should feel like I believe I am sensing it the way Mother Nature does it.

All my Reiki Masters have told me more-or-less the same thing – “I can’t attune you as you have got this, and more already”.


Metaphysical Healing

A few years ago I was told that I should call myself a Metaphysical Healer. I am not so sure but in many ways I fit the mold.

Traditionally, the word Metaphysics comes to us from Ancient Greece, where it was a combination of two words – Meta, meaning over and beyond – and physics. Thus, the combination means over and beyond physics. In other words outside the understanding of classical physics.

However; it is not outside Quantum Physics. Your thoughts, ideas, and personality are all real, but they don’t reside in any literal physical space.  These intangible qualities are “quantum information” energy, or QI.

Intuitive healing connection Richard Wain Dartford

Intuitive Healing connection between two systems of energy.

Quantum Entanglement Positive and Negative

Unknowingly while using Intuitve Healing for decades I have been involved in a process akin to Quantum Entanglement. I am not going to describe it in full here. When I work with your aura or subtle energies I become ‘entangled’ with them. This allows us to work together to shift your problems and re-energise you.

*You may have Energy Entanglement Problems. I believe that when we are close to someone our energies entangle – especially in our hearts and brains. They leave their energy inside us and we enjoy it. Well may call it love.

But when we fall out with them that energy is still there. But now we don’t want it – it is painful and distressing. I have been helping people to shift this ‘alien’ negative energy for many years. Let me help you shift yours. Move on from your pain as I have moved on from mine.

Sometimes these energy entaglements are call Energy Binds or Energy Cords.


Please do not pay for your session until we have booked your appointment in. Sessions are 60-90 minutes. Menu shows both with prices.

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