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Massage Courses

Massage Courses

I started running diploma level massage training courses in 2008. I started with Indian Head Massage. I then introduced HI-KI Acupressure Facial Massage. Since then I have added several more courses. And there are frequent new arrivals.

It was never my intention to become a large courses provider turning out 'cookie-cutter' graduates who are identical and follow a set protocol or recipe. It is my goal to create individual therapists with all the professional skills required but have an individual flair when working on clients.

I also cater for people who wish to learn massage skills to use on family and friends. These graduates will receive a certificate at the end of the course.

I prefer to work with students in a small group, as couples or 1-2-1 basis*. This allows me to get to know their strengths and weaknesses and help them develop better.

All diploma courses allow you to get full professional liability insurance from a leading Holistic Insurance company. So you can set up in business and charge customers. you may also join a professional body for therapists.

Or if you want to learn massage just to work on family and friends you can take the certificate version of the course.

Several of the courses require no prior knowledge so they are open to anyone. Others will require specific previous knowledge.

Some courses have fixed dates but some do not as they they are all arranged with the student/s at the time.

*Fees quoted for the courses are for 1-2-1 teaching. Couples or 2-3 friends will receive a 25% discount per person. Groups of 4 or more students will receive a 33% discount per person.

Please note many massage courses are being updated and will be available again soon.

Courses available

Eastern Head and Shoulder Massage  1 day

HI-KI Acupressure Facial Massage  1 day

Swedish Massage and Holistic/Whole Body Massage  2 days

Deep Tissue and Advanced Techniques  2 days

Lomilomi Massage  1 day

Aromatherapy Massage Basic  1 day

Aromatherapy Massage Advanced  1 day

Reflexology - Foot and Hand  1 day

Anti-Cellulite Massage  1 day

Manual Lymphatic Drainage Massage  1 day

Neuro-Lymphatic Reflexology  2 days

lomilomi massage course being demonstrated
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