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HI-KI Natural Face-Lift Massage

HI-KI Natural Face-lift Massage 1 Day course

A HI-KI Natural Face-lift Massage course includes a unique blend of highly effective ancient techniques from:

  • Ayurvedic Face Massage (known as Facial Rejuvenation or the Natural Facelift without surgery)
  • Japanese Facial Massage
  • Acupressure
  • Western massage techniques.

The HI-KI Massage along with a healthy diet and lifestyle helps to:

  • soften wrinkles
  • improve muscle tone
  • decrease puffiness and bags under eyes
  • enhances local blood flow in the facial capillary network
  • healthier, more radiant looking skin
  • decrease effects of stress on face
  • reduce double chins
  • lift sagging eyelids
  • decrease headaches and migraines
  • alleviate stress/anxiety and helps reduce insomnia
  • promotes overall health and well being

The ancient theories suggest that it does this by;

Helping to regulate free flow of Chi, (KI) and blood and thereby facilitates absorption of nutrients. By working on the Meridian points on the face and neck, stimulating lymph drainage and helps skin ‘breathe’. This stimulates the skin to produce collagen, thereby softening and smoothening it. It also regulates hormonal balance.

Acupressure therapy can be performed on various parts of body, including the face. It is instrumental in nourishing skin, which may otherwise appear lifeless. Facial Acupressure makes your facial skin firm and toned. It also helps to reduce nervous tension, sinus, sore eyes, and nasal congestion.

Facial Acupressure works in a specific way to enhance skin radiance.

Eastern Therapies

A facial massage as part of Eastern therapies may offer the following potential benefits:

  • stimulation of meridian points on the face
  • relief from eyestrain
  • correction of liver and gall bladder imbalances
  • relief of neck tension
  • alleviation of nervous disorders
  • relief of premenstrual water retention
  • helps control eczema.

Western-style facial massage

Offers the following potential benefits:

  • improvement of facial skin and muscle tone.
  • relaxation of facial and eye muscles
  • relief from tension headaches and facial pain
  • alleviation of stress and anxiety
  • overall physical and mental relaxation

For a Western facial massage, a gentle gliding movement is most often used. To perform the facial massage, the strokes must be gentle as well as stimulating, in order not to stretch the skin. Pressure strokes should move upward to give the muscles of the face a lift rather than dragging them down.

acupressure points used in a HI-KI Natural Face-lift Massage
Woman having a HI-KI Natural Face-lift Massage

Course entry requirements for the HI-KI Natural Face-lift Massage

This course is suitable for anyone. It is s certificated course

Qualified therapists will receive a CPD Diploma.

The training day

You will give and receive HI-KI Natural Face-lift Massage treatments as part of this course. Group students and pairs work upon each other so no models are required. Students will be used as models for demonstrations of massage strokes and draping. This is undertaken by me - Dr. Richard Wain.

If the training is on a 1-2-1 basis you will be worked on by me and vice versa. You may bring your own model - this must be arranged in advance.

Massage couches, couch covers and paper rolls are inclusive. But on the training day, you must bring your own hand and bath/beach towel for your personal use.

The eastern therapies work is oil free but the Western part requires a light oil. So bring a light fragrance free oil with you.

Tea, coffee, water and biscuits are provided on the day. You may bring your own lunch or buy it locally. There are very good catering facilities on site during week days.


What qualification will you receive after the HI-KI Natural Face-lift Massage?

You must successfully completed your training course to the required standard. You will then receive a printed and signed Certificate or Diploma.



The diploma allows you to get Public Liability insurance. Then you can start offering treatments to paying clients.

Cressingham Massage and Reiki have a special discounted insurance scheme for you.


How to book your HI-KI Natural Face-lift Massage training

The first thing to do is contact me by email or text giving your phone number. As I am often with clients or teaching I am not always available to take a call. So emails or texts are best in the first instance for me to call you back to discuss the training with you or you can come to the Dartford office to speak to me in person.

The training day will be booked at this time.

I no longer take card payments in my office or over the phone.

I do accept bank transfers.

Below is a payment gateway - secure, online checkout. It allows you to pay in full or make a deposit payment.

All payments must be complete before starting the course.


Fees quoted for the courses are for 1-2-1 teaching.

2-3 people booking and training together will receive a 25% discount per person. (£130)

4 or more booking and training together will receive a 33% discount per person. (£115)

Please ask for details on how to pay for group discounts.

HI-KI Natural face-lift Massage
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