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Reflexology Training Course

Reflexology Training Course

Reflexology stimulates the reflex points on the feet and hands to produce effects on the organs and other parts of the client's body.

There is some evidence dating back to 3000BC that a similar system was used in Egyptian medicine. Modern Reflexology has its roots in science and has become a systemised form of treatment. It combines the reflex points on the feet and hands

The treatment is carried out with the client clothed making the treatment non-invasive.


What will I learn in this Reflexology Training Course?

Course content

  • History, theory and philosophy of Reflexology
  • Techniques and sequence
  • Interpretation of Reflexes
  • Zones and their relation to organs and functions
  • The Holistic approach
  • Contraindications to Reflexology
  • Foot Reflexology
  • Hand Reflexology
  • Client reactions - during and between treatments
  • Consultations and record keeping
  • The use of talcum powder or oils.


Day 1: Foot Reflexology

The feet are a mirror image of the body and its organs. Foot reflexology is the ideal Holistic therapy to help the general wellbeing of a client. By the end of this course you will be able to carry out a complete foot reflexology treatment.

  • what foot reflexology is
  • the benefits of foot reflexology
  • understand the bony structure of the feet
  • location of the reflexes on the right and left feet.
  • the contraindications to foot reflexology
  • learn the principles of foot reflexology
  • know about how to position your client for a treatment
  • what the feet can reveal.
  • learn how to perform foot relaxation techniques
  • know how to prepare an aromatherapy foot bath
  • how to use blended oils tailored to the individual for use at the end of a reflexology treatment.
  • have the skills to carry out a complete foot reflexology treatment on a client


Day 2: Hand reflexology

According to reflexology, our hands can are a mirror image of the body. Every organ, internal structure and gland is reflected in miniature on the hands. You can stimulate and unblock these reflexes so that they are at optimum health.

  • you will be able to carry out a complete client and self-hand reflexology treatment.
  • understand the benefits of hand reflexology
  • find out about the bony structure of the hands
  • about the principles of hand reflexology
  • what the hands can reveal about you and others.
  • the location of the reflexes on the right and left hands.
  • the contraindications to hand reflexology
  • how to carry out a simple hand reflexology treatment on yourself
  • about possible reactions to reflexology treatments.


Course entry requirements

This course is suitable for qualified massage therapists only.

If you are not qualified and are looking to enter the professional arena. You must take our Diploma level Swedish Massage training. This will entail home study of our Anatomy and Physiology course. You have to pass this before attending the live practice session.


The training days

You will give and receive body Reflexology treatments as part of this course. Group students and pairs work upon each other so no models are required. Students will be used as models. This is undertaken by me - Dr. Richard Wain.

If the training is on a 1-2-1 basis you will be worked on by me and vice versa. You may bring your own model - this must be arranged in advance.

Massage couches, couch covers and paper rolls are inclusive. Generally Reflexology is an oil free form treatment but bring a light fragrance free oil with you. Some people prefer to use talc.

Tea, coffee, water and biscuits are provided on the day. You may bring your own lunch or buy it locally. There are very good catering facilities on site during week days.


What qualification will you receive?

You must successfully completed your training course to the required standard. You will then receive a printed and signed Diploma.



The diploma allows you to get Public Liability insurance. Then you can start offering treatments to paying clients.

Cressingham Massage and Reiki have a special discounted insurance scheme for you.

How to book your Reflexology training course

The first thing to do is contact me by email or text giving your phone number. As I am often with clients or teaching I am not always available to take a call. So emails or texts are best in the first instance. I will call you back to discuss the training with you or you can come to the Dartford office to speak to me in person.

The training days will be booked at this time. When possible I prefer consecutive days but this may not be possible for everyone.

I no longer take card payments in my office or over the phone.

I will accept bank transfers.

Below is a payment gateway - secure, online checkout. It allows you to pay in full or make a deposit payment.

All payments must be complete before starting the course.

demostration of techniques for Reflexology training course
Reflexology Training Course
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