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Angel Reiki Course

Angel Reiki Course

Angel Reiki Course Levels 1-3 Master Practitioner

Angel Reiki  Course – Angels are thought to be higher vibrational beings who exist only in spirit and do not incarnate into form as humans and animals do. Angels are here to help guide human development and uplift and protect the people they serve. A guardian angel is a personal angel – an angelic being that is assigned to look out for the welfare of one particular human being.

Angel Reiki Course at Cressinghams with Richard Wain

Angel Reiki Course Levels 1-3. Become an Angel Reik Master in a weekend

It is a popular notion that everyone has one guardian angel looking out for them throughout their lifetime. Actually, consider that this may not be the case. First, some people have more than one guardian angel. Sometimes this means they have a few guardian angels at a time, or sometimes their solo guardian angel changes over the span of their lifetime. Sometimes, however, a person becomes disconnected from an angelic guide due to negative energies and thoughts.

Archangels are very powerful and only called upon when things are severe. This can be for protection of yourself and family, healing relationships, major problems, loving yourself as a person and many other situations.

The Angel Reiki course is very Spiritual and Loving so imparts a great sense of tranquillity on the recipient, falling asleep is quite common.

During the two days of the Angel Reiki course, you make a connection with your Guardian Angel and other angels. They will help you channel this wonderful healing energy to yourself and others.

You will also receive an Angel Reiki course manual, 15 hours of natural sounds and relaxation music and special meditations to listen to, along with some setting up your own practice.

Angel Reiki Prerequisites:

None. You can have no Reiki knowledge at all to complete this course in Angel Reiki

Angel Reiki Course Day 1 – Levels 1 & 2

Cressinghams offer ARHMT Accredited Angel Reiki course

ARHMT Accredited course Angel Reiki

Level 1 & 2 Courses encourage spiritual growth and enable you to share the love, awe of working with Angels Realms and their connection to the Divine.

The Angels will help you raise your consciousness and give you Angelic Energy slowly throughout the two days. You will take part in a powerful ‘spiritual cleansing’ meditation/ceremony where the Angels aid you to let go of painful emotions, traumas, memories and illness and experience a spiritual rebirth.

This will also change your Life Journey, showing you who you really are and why you are on the Earth. You will understand life’s experiences and begin to create the life you truly desire in your heart.

This is your destiny as an Earth Angel.

You will receive the following attunements and empowerments:

  • Guardian Angel
  • Angelic Empowerments
  • Angel Lights
  • Angel Stone
  • Colours of Angels


Angel Reiki Course Day 2 – Level 3: Master Practitioner.

During this day you will be involved in a wonderful Angel Reiki Share as you experience how others have developed their Angel Reiki. You will be shown a special meditation/ceremony for the Master attunements and empowerments.

These are;

  • Light of Archangels
  • Angelic Cellular Healing
  • Angel Reiki for Children
  • Sapphires of Angels

Angel Reiki Training Days – Times:

Weekends: 9.30am – 5.00pm

Breaks and Lunch at suitable times


Venue: – Dartford, Kent


Price for Levels 1-3 – Master Practitioner Angel Reiki  £295

This is the price for a single payment.

If you prefer instalments; there is an initial deposit of £125 on booking.  The then £195 to be paid on the first day of the course.

Angel Reiki Levels 1 – 3

This course is taught on a 1-2-1 basis. Please call to book in your personal tuition. I will work with couples or groups of friends who want to learn Angel Reiki.


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